BGA Rework Station, Reflow process, IPC Certificates and more on what exists in market nowadays, versus what we need in our professional activity. We are proud to be an American company since 2012, with services on five continents. For more than 35 years, we promote the best practice ever, the science, the technology. On this website, you have the chance to stay informed, to be a big part of the biggest part that represent the world's real professionals in electronic sciences.

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Here, on iesn.com and iESN L.LC. all collaborators, it has the PhD (the doctorate), in what seems to be the easiest, most common, used, known, basics technology, the electronics soldering process. If you are an engineer, with masters in electronics and think that you don’t have anything to learn more in soldering in electronics, that you buy the tools by “well-known manufacturers” policies, this website is not for you. You can go in whatever else place, save your time, for the moment. You will return later when you spend some money on tools that simply… are not tools, and you can’t use them. For all other readers of this website, please prepare your 

 patience, attention and open your mind. 

Read all information on this website with patience and attention, on final, draw your own conclusion about electronics soldering process.

Here, on i-esn.com and iESN L.L.C. We don’t think that are best or worst that none other company or website. We are only different. We don’t think that our projects / products are best or worst that others manufacturers products. Our projects / products are only different. What we think, it is the fact that our approach is best that all other world’s worst ever approaches. We think that our approaches are the best, because our approaches use the world’s best practicescientifically, technological, logical points of view. All other world’s worst ever practice approaches, use the pseudo-science, pseudo technology, illogics points of view

The common sense say that the best practice is better than worst practice. Only for that reason, we think that our approaches are best that the worst approaches. We have common sense.